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BUY LATEST CT SCANNER - Posted By optima equipment (optimaequipments1) on 6th Sep 23 at 6:27am
The term "CT scan" is frequently used to refer to computed tomography. A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging process that creates images of the inside of the body using a combination of X-rays and computer technologies. Any portion of the body, including the bones, muscles, fat, organs, and blood arteries, is shown in detail.
Compared to traditional X-rays, CT scans are more detailed. A beam of energy is directed towards the bodily portion being investigated in normal X-rays. After the energy beam passes through the skin, bone, muscle, and other tissues, it varies and is captured by a plate behind the body portion. While a normal X-ray can provide a lot of information, inside organs and other structures cannot be seen in great detail.

The X-ray beam rotates in a circle around the body during a CT scan. This provides significantly more information and enables numerous views of the same organ or structure. The X-ray data is transmitted to a computer, which analyses it and shows it on a monitor in two dimensions. Three-dimensional graphics are now achievable thanks to newer technology and computer software.

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