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Large Character Coder - Posted By wyxzcs81 (wyxzcs81) on 26th May 23 at 12:42am
Large Character Coder Product Information
BESTJET HLC60 Expiry Date Code Portable Printing Machine in the 7 font size of the cursor can be edited input 32 x 32 dot matrix of Chinese characters, English, digital, graphics, variables, print height of 78 mm, the maximum length of each message is 36 words. Its 16 point nozzle can be printed on 16 and 7 dot matrix word, 32 point nozzle can spray print 32 and 16 points of the word. It has smooth ink output and small particles, which makes printing more smooth.
Machine parameter
Printing heightMax height 60mm
Printing distance2-8mm Mechanical Adjustment
Printing contentChinese, English, number, date, time, curve surface
ApplicationBoard, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, electronics, steel pipe, cement, wall, metal sheet
Printing length2000characters for each message, no limitation on length
Printing MaterialPronous or non-pronous
Ink typeoli ink, fast dry ink
Ink colorblack, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
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Large Character Coder