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Veress Needle suppliers - Posted By ejded659 (ejded659) on 13th Apr 23 at 4:37am
Veress Needle suppliers Features:
1. Clear scale indication, safer and more reliable operation.
2. Made of 304 stainless steel (stronger steel) and high-quality environmentally friendly materials.
3. The handle adopts ergonomic design, which makes the puncture operation more convenient.
4. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and packaged aseptically, which is safe to use, complete in configuration, and easy to operate;
5. One-time use, dedicated to avoid cross-infection caused by secondary use.
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Model Number: VN120,VN150
Warranty: 3 years
Warranty: Lifetime
Power Source: Manual
Working length: 120mm and 150mm
Certificate: CE ,ISO13485
Sterilization: EO Sterilized Product
Properties:Abdominal Surgery Equipments
Selection of puncture site (use of pneumoperitoneum needle):
The first thing to pay attention to in puncture is the choice of puncture hole. The choice of puncture hole depends on many factors, such as the size of the uterus, the size of the surgery, the thickness of the abdominal wall, and the surgical scar.
1. In the case of tubo-ovarian surgery, puncture at the umbilicus can be selected.
2. The puncture hole and lens Troca can be placed 4-6cm above the umbilicus during the resection of the larger uterus, the operation of the huge adnexal cyst or the lymph node dissection;
3. If the patient is not tall and the umbilical-pubic distance is short, it is also necessary to choose an incision on the umbilicus.
4. The puncture needs to avoid surgical scars as much as possible and avoid damage to the intestinal tube adhered to the abdominal wall.Veress Needle suppliers